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When I Sing Through Colours (Print)
Rs. 800/-

Artist Ravi Paranjape's 'When I Sing Through Colour' - is an insightful book about his career as an outstanding representational painter. The book has about a hundred reproductions of his 'visually melodious' works explained through essays that satiate the readers' curiosity about his approach to concepts, design strategy, composition, colour, style, and technique. In this book, Ravi Paranjape has also discussed his tradition, preceptors, and his thoughts on the painting-music relationship—a must-read for everybody connected to, or waiting to coccent to art.

The Brush Mileage - English
The Brush Mileage (Print)
Rs. 650/-

'The Brush Mileage' is a fascinating life story of the struggles and triumphs of an extraordinary painter-illustrator. Artist Paranjape's artistic journey unfolds through his captivating narrative. He focuses on the development of the 'artist within' right from childhood through the most prolific time of his career, and how classical music became an integral part of his soul and personality. Artist Paranjape is as skilled with words as he is with the brush. He endearingly talks about his parents and idols, and of how his upbringing in the Paranjape family's beautiful hometown of Belgaum shaped his life. He daringly writes about his deepest fears and disappointments and the lessons he learnt along the way. Stressing on the importance of virtuous learning and ethical practices, 'The Brush Mileage' transcends storytelling, giving hope and direction to aspiring individuals in any field, through the principle of 'the design-based culture' indoctrinated by Artist Paranjape.

The World of My Illustrations,
Colour Rendering Techniques (Print)
Rs. 250/-

'The World of My Illustrations - Colour Rendering Techniques', is a collection of colour illustrations by India's one of the foremost painter-illustrator Ravi Paranjape. Ravi Paranjape talks about some of his iconic illustrations in his own words and his thought process behind those exquisite works. This volume is filled with his world-class illustrations showcasing his extraordinary range of unique techniques and command of a variety of mediums.

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