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Painter-Illustrator Ravi Paranjape - an eminent illustrator, painter, and writer with over sixty years of illustrious artistic career. Raviji was born in the culturally rich town of Belgaum in an artistically oriented family. After completing education and apprenticeships, he began working as an illustrator, advancing through employment at well-known publication houses and studios in Mumbai. Within no time Raviji's ever-evolving artistic style made an impression in the world of visual communication arts in India and abroad. Having earned the name and confidence, he soon established his own art studio in Mumbai. Raviji is credited for pioneering the innovative field of 'architectural perspective rendering' in India. This was a turning point in his professional career. In spite of having an enormously rewarding career as a commercial artist, his heart was set on his passion for painting without boundaries. Raviji's remarkably well-received debut show instantly established him as a painter, followed by several more successful painting exhibitions in India and abroad. Raviji was also a prolific writer and thinker. He authored several books and articles on art and his take on political and social reform based on his theory of 'Design-based culture'. He received numerous prestigious awards recognizing his artistic and literary accomplishments. Communication Arts Guild (CAG) acknowledged his illustrious commercial art career with the 'CAG Hall of Fame' award. His invaluable contribution to the field of art was rightfully honored with the Dayawati Modi Foundation's 'Dayawati Modi Award for Art, Education & Culture', and 'Roopdhar Lifetime Samman' by the Bombay Art Society. Raviji's autobiography 'Brush Mileage' written in Marathi received 'Bhairuratan Damani Sahitya Puraskar' for an outstanding literary work. Raviji's passionate following of Hindustani classical music is reflected in his work. With inimitable style, extraordinary color sense, penchant for orderly yet attractive arrangement, and efforts of bringing harmony' among all components, Raviji turned each artwork into a 'Visual Melody'.

October 8, 1935 - June 11, 2022
'Design-based Culture'

Artist Ravi Paranjape made significant contributions to the visual arts world, providing a fresh perspective and introducing numerous new theories and valuable viewpoints.

One noteworthy contribution is his Theory of 'Design-based Culture,' a culmination of his extensive experience and deep study. This theory brings the timeless principles together, offering guiding insights for anyone venturing into a creative pursuit.

Painter-Illustrator Ravi Paranjape's Works 
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