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Discover the 'Essence of Artist Ravi Paranjape' through-

Documentary & Exclusive Interviews
Brush Mileage

Brush Mileage’ is a documentary film produced by Dattaprasad Mete in collaboration with The Ravi Paranjape Foundation, directed by Laxmikant Bongale; based on the life and works of Artist Ravi Paranjape. Narrated by Raviji himself, he takes you on an astonishing journey through his life starting from his beautiful birthplace Belgaum. The film is in Marathi with English subtitles.

Ranga Yei Vo

‘Ranga Yei Vo’ – A full episode of Raviji’s interview telecasted on July 24, 2021 in an iconic TV series ‘Ranga Yei Vo’ on ‘DD Sahyadri’ channel in Maharashtra, India. In this interview taken by Shri. Pramod Pawar, Raviji expresses his thoughts and unfolds his artistic development in depth, in his beautiful studio surrounded by his exceptional art.

'Visual Melody', A Ravi Paranjape Retrospective

The last retrospective show of Raviji's exclusive private collection of paintings and works of art was on display at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, India from June 20 to 26, 2023.

This exhibition traced Raviji's illustrious career of over sixty years. The art gallery teemed with people from all walks of life. For the duration of this exhibition, the gallery practically turned into a 'classroom' for art students visiting from all over.
The true highlight of this retrospective was the unparalleled, immaculately preserved collection of his countless studies, sketches, and thumbnails evincing the development of a great artist. 

Smita Paranjape Interview on

'Asmita' Akashwani Pune Radio Kendra

Heartwarming story of the meaningful togetherness shared by Smita Paranjape in her radio interview. 

Smita Paranjape receiving 'Grihini-Sakhi-Sachiv' Puraskar by GaDiMa Foundation

Smita Paranjape's acceptance speech at receiving this great honor in recognition of her invaluable contribution to Artist Ravi Paranjape's life and artistic career.

Educational Videos
Abhijatata- Classicism

Abhijatata- Classicism in Visual Arts, was a unique dialogue event hosted by Ravi Paranjape Foundation on 21st April 2018 at TRPS joined by Artist Ravi Paranjape and Artist Gopi Kukde. The dialogue covered Classicism in Visual Arts.

"Abhijatata - Ek Parichay" was a unique dialogue event hosted by the Ravi Paranjape Foundation on 14 January 2018 at TRPS, joined by eminent personalities from the world of Art and industry. They shared their insights on the subject of 'Abhijatata', Classicism from their perspective.

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